Fire Departments

Photo of fire trucks


There are three fire departments that serve the Town of Johnstown. 

Click here for a general map of fire department boundaries.

Front Range Fire Rescue

Serving the area east of I-25 and in Weld County, the I-25 Gateway Center on the NW corner of I-25, and WCR 48.  Note that the Johnson’s Corner area is served by the Johnstown Fire Protection District. Fire Code review, permits and inspections are required for construction.
    100 Telep Ave. 
    Johnstown, CO 80534 
    Phone 970-587-0339 Fax 970-587-0337 

    Visit the web site: Front Range Fire Rescue

Loveland Fire Rescue Authority

The Loveland Fire rescues Authority provides Fire Code Review, permits and inspection services for properties in the Loveland Rural Fire Protection District, which includes 2534, Johnstown Plaza, Iron Horse and Thompson River Ranch developments. Permits are required for construction and fire protection systems. Contractor information is provided on their website, Loveland Fire Rescue New Construction Information

Loveland Rural Fire Protection District includes the area east of I-25 and in Larimer County (except the Johnson’s Corner area). 
    Administrative Office: 
    1423 W 29th St. 
    Loveland, CO 80538 
Phone 970-667-5310 Fax 970-667-2527
     Visit the web site: Loveland Rural Fire Protection District  
    Note: For plan review, inspections, and fire code questions, contact the Loveland Fire Rescue Authority at

Berthoud Fire Protection District
Serving the area west of I-25 and south of State Highway 60 (except I-25 Gateway Center).

  275 Mountain Ave. 
    Berthoud, CO 80513 
    Phone 970-532-2264 Fax 970-532-4744 

    Visit the web site: Berthoud Fire Protection District