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Johnstown Mosquito Management Program
Information on services provided by Vector Disease Control International for Johnstown, map of service area, history of the program, and other information. 
Help Fight the Bite
What you can do to help reduce the mosquito population.

Vector Disease Control International, LLC (VDCI) is a large-scale mosquito control contractor and consultant established in 1992. VDCI specializes in full service Integrated Mosquito Management programs designed to control nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes while protecting our Colorado environment.

Because mosquito populations are dynamic and change from day to day, it is imperative that adult control operations (aka "spraying") occur the same evening that high populations are identified. All truck spraying missions for the Town of Johnstown take place on Tuesday evenings between sunset and sunrise so that residents can be aware and take any personal protective measures they feel are necessary. 
VDCI makes every attempt possible to notify residents of spray missions by maintaining a weekly schedule, updating their website, keeping a Google calendar and making personalized individual phone calls to residents. Sign up for notification services on VDCI's website.
If safety is a concern, please take note that VDCI uses only products that are labeled and approved by the EPA and the State of Colorado for mosquito control purposes.  Numerous, peer-reviewed, articles indicate that ULV applications for mosquito control do not pose a significant risk to humans or non-target insects and because of this the State Department of Agriculture has opted not to require notification for applications of this type anywhere in the state. In one study (Effects of single and multiple applications of mosquito insecticides on non-target arthropods, Davis and Peterson, 2008), researchers determined that “measurable and persistent biological effects on non-target arthropods, exposed to larvicides and adulticides applied via ULV sprayer would be small.”  In an additional article published by the CDC (Human Exposure to Mosquito-Control Pesticides — Mississippi, North Carolina, and Virginia, 2005), researchers measured the pesticide metabolite concentrations in urine of people pre-and post- application.  And it was determined that “ULV application in mosquito control activities did not result in substantial pesticide exposure to humans.”  
Contact Information:
Northern Front Range Office: Larimer, Boulder (City of Longmont), & Weld Counties
Broox Boze, Operations Manager 
Vector Disease Control International
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