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1. Why doesn't the Town plow residential streets after every storm?
2. You said you plowed my street, but there is still snow on it. Why don’t you plow down to pavement?
3. Why do plows cover over the areas I just shoveled? Am I responsible for those areas?
4. My neighbors never clear their sidewalk? What can I do?
5. Who is responsible for clearing Town-owned sidewalks?
6. What material does the Town use for de-icing the streets?
7. There is a lot of ice build-up on the curb and gutters, and now is forming over the sidewalk. Will the Town do something?
8. Who do I call to report street problems?
9. Why is only the center of the street plowed on residential streets?
10. I saw a Town snowplow driving around during the storm with its blade up. Why wasn’t it plowing?
11. The Post Office has told me they will not deliver mail because of the snow in front of the mailboxes. What will the Town do?