Johnstown Community Communication

The Town of Johnstown's Community Communication service, provided by Parlant Mass Communication Service, allows for more direct communication of alerts to its residents. The service permits the Town to broadcast information by way of telephone, and to send text messages and/or e-mails, if desired by a resident. The Town is able to direct such broadcasts to reach the entire community, or just a small neighborhood depending upon the emergency.

​The service provider, Parlant Technology provides communication services nationally, and is also known for school/parent communications through Parentlink. To fully implement the communication service, Johnstown residents are asked to verify or update their contact information on file with the Town, which for most households presently consists of only a telephone number. Residents may choose to receive pertinent messages via a combination of telephone calls, text messages and/or emails. Residents may enter their desired contact information using the Community Communication Signup Form.