Liquor License

Liquor Licensing is administered by the Town Clerk’s Office. Liquor licensing involves everything from accepting liquor license applications to processing those applications and holding hearings.

The liquor laws of the State of Colorado restrict the sale and dispensing of alcohol beverages. Any person intending to manufacture, sell, or deal in spirituous liquor in the State of Colorado must apply for a liquor license.

To obtain a liquor license application, contact the Town Clerk at 970-578-9600.

Keep in Mind

Timeframes that are important for a liquor license: 
  • Renewal applications must be submitted 45 days prior to the license expiration.
  • Special event permit applications need to be submitted 30 days prior to the event.
  • New licenses or transfer of ownership requires a minimum of 90 to 120 days.


To obtain a liquor license application, contact the Town Clerk at 970-578-9600. Incomplete applications/packets will not be accepted.
  • All forms must be typewritten or printed legibly in black ink. All documents must be fully executed showing required signature and dates.
  • Applications must be completed and a complete packet submitted to the Town Clerk, along with the required fees.

While the Johnstown Town Clerk’s office is available to provide some assistance in the application process, the Clerk cannot provide legal advice and cannot make any representations or assurances as to the final outcome of the process. It is not essential that you seek the assistance of an attorney to guide you through the process; although you may strongly consider doing so.

State related information is available from the Colorado Department of Liquor Enforcement Division here: