Building Permit shall be posted on house prior to starting work

Roofing Contractor: $100,000.00 combine single limit liability insurance required. Certificate of insurance shall be submitted at time of application.  The certificate shall identify the limits of the insurance, policy number, name of insurance company, effective date, date, expiration of the policy.

Design criteria: Based upon 2006 IRC, 30 lb. ground snow load. 90 mph wind speed exposure c.

ICE AND WATER SHIELD IS NOT REQUIRED.  Drip edge is required on soffits, rakes, and gables unless rakes and gables already have freeze board.  Drip edge required per section 1507.9.3 2003 IBC.

Tear-off:  All roofing material shall be removed prior to new application.

Underlayment: 4:12 slope and greater 1-layer of 15#. 2:12-3:12 slope 1-layer of 30#. Less than 2:12 slope requires modified bitumen.  Low slope patio covers and accessory building require modified bitumen if dimensional shingles are used to match shingles on principal building.

Plank deck underlayment is allowed if spacing does not exceed 3/8”. Replace damaged or questionable roof sheathing.

Roof covering: Dimensional shingles. 3-tab shingles ar not allowed. Replace damaged pipe jacks and roof vents. Add roof vents where needed case by case.

Fasteners:  Per manufacturer’s installation instructions and ASTM F 1667 to meet 90 mph wind exp. C.

Inspection:  A mid-roof inspection in NOT required.  Make sure permit card is available for the inspector.  All shingles are expected to lay flat.

Caulk all shiners i.e. roof jacks, roof vents, and ridge caps.

Prior to calling for inspection cleanup all debris in yard and roof and clean out gutters and downspouts, Please allow tow (2) working days for inspection to be completed.  Inspectors will not walk roofs if outside temperature exceeds 75 degrees as to not track new application.

Please respect the citizens of Town of Johnstown and their property.  The Town Of Johnstown Building Department looks forward to working with each Roofing Contractor.

These handouts have been developed by the Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council to assist citizens when applying for residential building permits and provide basic code information relevant to their project.


Basement finishes

Enclosing an existing patio cover

Decks - Colorado Chapter ICC handout

Decks - An informative and comprehensive deck handout prepaired by the American Forest & Paper Assn, Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide based on the 2009 International Residential Code

Deck Framing Connection Guide developed by Simpson Stron-Tie. The is an informational guide as the Town does not specify particular manufacturers products

Garage and storage sheds larger than 120 sq ft

Patio Cover


Attention Roofers

Residential Electrical requirements (links to Colorado Electrical Board web page)